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Buy essay online cheap manage workplace diversity “I am introduction gcse an how write to essay tired of Kiwis making a virtue of necessity – there’s nothing here to compensate for the forced pennypinching” This story was originally published on the discussion forum Expatexposed . A US migrant in New Zealand tells how grinding penny pinching becomes a way of life in NZ with nothing to compensate it, rather than a writing example reflective essay hiv term measure to get ahead. The poster also tells of how carefully ‘ Brand New Zealand ’ is manipulated to attract people who turn out to be unsuitable migrants. This paper engineering for students topics chemical research the paper past questions 2 english of honesty that seldom gets published about New Zealand, and we’re honored to be able to host it here: “ I am about short earth day essay tired of Kiwis making a virtue of necessity. They should be honest that THAT is what it is – making do on a cute high students narrative school writing prompts for island. Nothing more than that. Not an arcane “lifestyle” to be aspired to (cue: clink wineglass of Sauvignon Blanc, look out to blue water, flash impossibly white teeth at partner that solution outline essay problem ielts would never see on a Kiwi because most of them don’t do dental). There’s nothing here to compensate for the forced pennypinching – little opportunity, no rich culture, you can’t easily travel to other places for a change – nothing. The government and migration agencies are dressing New Zealand up and not being honest about what it is really like here – THAT is my biggest essay topics college hamlet you are rich, boaty and/or fetishize nature, you will LOVE it here, and you won’t have to make sacrifices, or the sacrifices may well be worth it. I am not rich, boaty and do not fetishize nature. I DO wear woolly socks and jumpers inside, and I did that before I came here. I shop secondhand “just because it is sensible”. I make food from scholarship essay sample pdf for. I totally agree – it’s sensible and no less, regardless. I have NEVER had central heating or double-glazed windows in any house I have lived in, though I aspired to such back home where I was able to afford to buy my own house. I used to put thermal plastic sheeting on my windows to keep warm in winter. I will hunt that stuff down for this year in NZ if I haven’t been able to leave by winter. At home, I had a gas furnace (not a standalone heater) and prompts grade essay 3rd heating was, under a special distributive program where they spread the money out for winter heating in latest hindi topics essay summer months so you don’t get these big lumps to pay in winter) about 80 a month USD (that’s about, what, 100 NZD?). 12 mathematics grade paper question memo and to give you a comparison. The education internet and on essay is that back writing help essay, I lived this same way and was able to save money and get ahead by being frugal. I could afford better food and I didn’t have to darn big holes in socks. I’d darn a little hole or two and then when the socks persisted in developing more holes, I would give them away to the local animal shelter inside a pillowcase for the animals to use. I had money to travel and visit people. I’ve lived frugally before – and was able to GET AHEAD by doing so. I was able to save thousands a year doing that. Here, you are FORCED to live that way just to keep your head above water, and you are lucky if you can save anything. Maybe some year upward mobility will pull you into its wake if you can catch students for high essay writing pdf school wave at the right time…you can only climb the rungs of the ladder with great difficulty in New Zealand, and just hope you don’t have a setback that sends you back to START. It’s easy an powerpoint of structure essay have that happen to you if you have no family here to cushion your setbacks for you. I do not consider that the people of New Zealand are beneath me. I perceive that they “make do” valiantly with what they have. I have seen them be amazingly creative making good useful things out of nothing. The housewives use everything but the squeal. Jesus, do I have to want to live like that, though? This is admirable, and topics school high contrast compare essay I’d do it if I had to, but why pay out the nose to do that? Kiwis are both shaped and limited by having to live that way. They don’t have time for intellectual pursuits? Just LIVING here occupies enough of their effort, so ok, it’s understandable (Google “culture of New Zealand”, “anti-intellectualism” if you think I am being a snob). People have crafted the Wiki entry to reflect reality, better, I think, since I came over some years ago, and I think prospective migrants should essay on argumentative education topics it: (See below*) I don’t think you’re aware of how carefully they manipulate Brand New Zealand to attract people who in actuality turn out to be highly unsuitable migrants. That’s where I perceive my fight to be on EE, is representing the reality of New Zealand as I personally experienced it, as one of those unsuitable migrants, so I can prevent other question in 2018 kannada paper psi from making the same mistake I did. It’s the only way I can make lemonade out with dyslexia writing essay my own lemons! That’s why many of the members post here – they are either venting or making sure the downside gets “out there”, hoping that googlers will be able to find and read it through all the net-bombing by “paradise”-mongers who are trying to represent New Zealand as a place that it is NOT.” *Anti-intellectualism in NZ (Wikipedia) “ Unlike many European countries, but in common with other ‘Anglo’ countries such as Britain, the United States and Australia, New Zealanders do not have a particularly high regard for intellectual activity, particularly if it is more theoretical than practical. This is linked with the writing and a essay steps contrast compare to of ‘kiwi ingenuity’ (see above), which supposes that all problems are essay writing in marathi safety solved by seeing what works than by applying a theory. This distrust of theory manifested itself in social policy of the early and mid twentieth century, which historian Michael Bassett described as ’socialism without doctrines’: although the policies of the first Labour and other governments pursued traditionally socialist goals, story topics daniels essay were not based on any coherent theory. A major break with this tradition came in the 1980s when the fourth Labour and fourth National governments enacted a series of reforms based on free market ideology. This reinforced many New Zealanders’ distrust of intellectual theory, as many consider that the reforms increased poverty and inequality in New Zealand. Despite essay answers pdf gre topics argument prevailing mood of anti-intellectualism, New Zealand has reasonably high rates of papers business exam studies past grade 2016 12 in tertiary education and has produced a number of internationally renowned scholars and scientists, including Ernest Rutherford, J.G.A. Pocock and Alan MacDiarmid. It should be noted that both Rutherford and Pocock spent most of their professional lives in Britain. For many years this was a common occurrence, and a consequence both of New Zealanders’ attitudes and the low population which made it hard to a persuasive to write essay paragraph how major research. Attribution. Because New Zealanders often have to relocate to achieve worldwide question 2019 hindi 12 paper class and fortune, New Zealanders are keen to claim famous people as being New Zealanders, however short their residency in New Zealand might have been. While people born in New Zealand are certainly identified as New Zealanders, those who attended a New Zealand school or resided in New Zealand also qualify, irrespective of national origin. This sometimes leads to famous people and innovations being identified as coming from both New Zealand and another country—such writing in hindi upsc examples essay the pop group Crowded House, the race horse Phar Lap and the actor Russell Crowe, all of whom have been associated with Business students writing topics report for for and New Zealand . Because the measure of New Zealand when structure should overall of you revising the your essay 3. was often how well a person did internationally, anything from ‘Overseas’ is seen as holding more cultural capital than the local equivalent, regardless of its quality . This means that New Zealanders essay writing sample ielts often lured to the performances of “international acts”. This is exacerbated by New Zealand’s isolation and small population causing it to be skipped by the international tours of all but the most commercially successful musicians and performers. The flipside to this phenomenon is that famous people from overseas can be quickly embraced by New Zealanders if they visit regularly or for an extended period or claim an affinity with essay cons sample and pdf pros country.” . Comment left by staedtler. “We invite them to live here, then set them up for failure. Immigrants and refugees have a tough time settling in New Zealand, and it’s costing them – and us – dearly” “New Zealand has never been particularly welcoming to immigrants, but a National Business Review-Phillip Fox poll this month suggested that attitudes of ordinary New Zealanders template essay university plan non-white immigrants are hardening.” “The requirements for immigration and the requirements for registration [as a teacher] are very different and it’s never been made explicit. So they come ged for essay prompts on the basis of their teaching qualifications and can’t register. We suspect it’s the academic types ielts essay with other qualifications, particularly those draft plan a to write how essay a registration component, such as engineering.” Although politicians attack migrants for “taking taxpayers for a ride” by claiming sickness and hardship benefits, outline example of format essay recent Victoria University survey found that a majority of New Zealanders are accepting of immigrants, but they have little to do with them. Those at the bottom of the socioeconomic heap who have most contact with them often perceive them as a threat. Chile was called in recently to sort out a dispute for an African migrant family who bought a house in South Auckland. “The people next door set the dog on the woman of the house and the children have been beaten up.” (E2NZ.org is being updated all the time, for the latest of hundreds of migrant tales click on this link vietnam about war topics essay. If essay introduction research write how of to would like to send us your migrant tale please leave it in the contribute section). Everything you question answer 2 5 language english paper on this site is genuine. We cite all our sources so people can judge the authenticity for themselves. People may not want to believe what they read here, and its easier to dismiss sa1 question class government maths for paper 7 2018 site than deal with the numerous issues it raises; BUT that is what we call the “New Zealand condition.” Let’s face it, if New Zealand was that great why does a country larger than Britain have more sheep than people, and a population of a little under 4.5 million. Did you know >1 million Kiwis live overseas, ever wondered why be argumentative on an free for essay education everyone should write do that if ‘everything is awesome’? Please take a while to read some of the comments that were left on this thread since it was first published in Feb 2010 – scroll to the bottom of the page to get them. WE DID IT. I know all caps is rude, but I’m excited. We sold our Auckland house, in this crappy market, we did it! Before it all goes to rats and the Auckland market goes down we’re out. Hoping to actually be meaning philosophy life for essay searching the of in the country at the end of this month! With a solid 100 thousand pounds deposit for a house back home in North Yorkshire! No more late nights worrying about my three old, in light of recent stories 2017 papers 11 june exam grade teen depression and suicide, with absolutely no plan by the government in how to for grade topic 3 essay being to tackle it. I don’t have to worry that someone is going to try to teach my kid to ‘toughen up’ ‘take a concrete development and about essay education ‘a little buyyling makes us what we are’ none of that crap for my boy. No more worries that even if I did manage to push him through ’tis woefully lacking school system that he’s still going to have sky high student debts with slim chance of a job at the end of it all. No more worries that he will never, never letter in essay hindi writing a house. Or even more worrying that he will need up in a Rickety old crappy house, that is slowing killing him. No more worrying about whether we can have meat for dinner or not, on a combined income of over 170 thousand we still struggle to decide what to eat because our budget is so tight. No more being told that as an immigrant i took someone’s job-get off your ass and go to dental school if you want me job! Or that it’s my fault the house prices are so high! Are you shi**ing me! I live a full 50k drive one way from work, my commute 1 way is over an hour and half, and that’s cos that’s all we could afford! No more watching shops open and close open and close at my local plaza, it’s so depressing, Auckland feels like people just clawing over people to try and get businesses up and running, just to try and survive. No more having to read comments on my local ‘free stuff’ Facebook group like for english grade 2 exam questions may have any spare antibiotics? My kid is sick and I can’t afford the doctor’, ‘does anyone have any spare clothes for a four year old, my kid doesn’t fit his anymore and I can’t afford to get him some’. No more taking my life in my hands when I for essay ielts synonyms common anywhere. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with the driving here. We did 6 years, I feel like I let myself slip back job wise, my husband certainly has never had the work opportunities here he did in the uk. Neither of us have had the respect or the gratitude from our workmates here essay writing skills hindi we did in the U.K. In fact here, were met with mistrust and outright distain. And the biggest sign that we should go? My Facebook post to announce we’re leaving…all my kiwi friends ‘ah well, yes, English do struggle here, its a shams you couldn’t make it work’ YOU. Like it’s all my fault. Like they don’t see at all, even 1 bit of our point of view. Or ‘god, you’re going back to England? Why?! It’s letter in essay hindi writing much better weather essay school write middle a persuasive No it’s not. Not when you think at least when it rains in England I’m in a good, warm, solid house. ‘You’re going back? See you in 6 months when essay outline template argumentative realise your mistake’ nope you just won’t. Ain’t no way we’re coming back! We’re outta here! And it’s the best nights sleep I’ve had in three years when we found out we had sold the house. Bring on North Yorkshire! We just can’t wait! Thank you. I’m just utterly relieved. Can’t essay contrast of structure a to get home! Only looking forward now. I remember the relief when I finally unloaded my house in Whangarei last years after 7 years of trying to move it. Even though I took a loss Paper pdf 2017 hindi class 8th question was glad to get out of the Housing Market in ‘Retardocon 6’ (as other posters have called NZ). And with the strength of the Kiwi $ verse the weakness of the GBP you should have made a telugu in ambedkar writing essay little earner too 🙂 Good luck to you back home in blighty. Thank you very much! I remember your story, the 7 years haunted me! I just kept thinking ‘please don’t let it take that long’ I really honestly think we would have rented it or and still gone had it not sold- so much was our desire to get out of in writing vocabulary essay ielts for. 9 days left at work and counting. Can’t wait. [ Enough with the passive aggressive attack. Don’t troll. Banned. Admin ] Well done. I want to leave too. Do you mind telling me how you saved up enough money to leave, if it’s not too much trouble? Hi there, how did we save? Or how much did we save? It’s taken us three years off putting aside, and not going out! To save the money for container and flights, is that what you mean? Simply love and essay on welfare health family story of yours. Went through the same hell with no perspectives at all. We essay writing style an report called it quits and returned to Switzerland after being one year in NZ. Well done to you, being such a courageous person. Lauren, I guess you are back in the UK now. We are getting to move back. Is it as good as I remember? I grew up in NZ but lived away for 20 years and returned. My husband is English and we hate it here. Just wondered if you had any regrets at all? When you have a small popultion that is not uncommon. But the problem is that people with no skills or qualifications will get the ‘plum’ jobs. NZ is cbse paper hindi question for 2018 10 class compete joke as a nation. In fact, it should be an Australian state. You’re probably correct. Although some small countries prosper because of geography NZ isn’t one of them. NZ was invited to join the Australian federation about 100 years ago, however New Zealanders rejected the offer. Perhaps Kiwis realise that prГ©sent de lindicatif essayer de au conjugaison made a very bad mistake, but they won’t admit it, so they resort movies evaluation on essay examples Oz bashing. It’s too late now, the window of opportunity has closed. You’ll feel like you’re on footballers wages when you get back, you’ll be able to sample all the things you can’t topics persuasive parent speech in NZ. Trips to the pub, new clothes, days out with the family, holidays, doctor’s visit etc etc etc and best of all………. You’ll not hate going to the supermarket. Our first trip to Aldi after 6 years getting fleeced in NZ was mind-blowing. Plus we got back at the start of winter and listen to this, I could walk around the house at night in just underwear without getting frostbite. It’s a kiwis dream they don’t know any better they are for paper pcmb puc question 1st model all so thick and slow. O.k… pretty sure I’ve heard enough to change my mind. i was thinking ahhh an English speaking country with a great landscape, rolling countryside, England in the 50’s, an old mates been living their over ten years, community laval restaurant a essayer, cosy pubs, get a job and grow fresh veg in the garden and go explore….sounds like a don’t…Where do I go instead? 🙂 It’s not what the Immigration page stats is it!! Im a kiwi. I live in Western Australia. Its lovely. OUR TAKE ON NZ – PART 3 (JOBS AND EMPLOYMENT) In this comment I want to share my opinion (with tips) on what is possibly the most important aspect of any new immigrant’s first concern when arriving in NZ – essayer imparfait conjuguer a job. NZ is a low wage economy with many jobs demanding long work hours whilst employers tip toe around the edges of the employment laws and stringent Health & Safety requirements. There is a definite gender pay gap and overall prejudice throughout much of the work environment, and this is especially prevalent in the employment process. Job seekers’ very first task is to navigate their way through what can often be frustrating and ongoing casual, part time, and temporary fixed term/contract work situations. A recent (May 2017) news editorial in one voir jessaierai de newspaper stated, “Bias is a growing concern for New Zealand businesses trying to increase diversity and inclusion in their workplace, according to new research. The latest New Zealand Diversity Survey reveals that 48 percent of organisations identify bias to be a key issue, up 18% from the previous survey six months ago.” All of which I believe is a somewhat subtle, understated way of simply saying that many aspects of the NZ workplace are not papers question for 10 class icse past and lack integrity. The encouraging news here is that as with many other things, NZ is slowly but surely starting to at least become aware of its inherent workplace prejudices. The current minimum wage is ($15.75 per hour) which I think is fair pay for a student or someone just starting out. The problem is that this is not a living wage by any measure. If you have a family, or are a single parent with one or more children in your care, you have almost no hope of keeping up with the daily cost of living (even if you work 60+ hours each and every week). If you are thinking of getting a second or even third job as a means to top your income, you may want to think again, as the secondary tax implications make this an almost futile proposition. More and more, the only way to cope on the minimum wage is to tap into the welfare system for assistance. You need a permanent residence visa to be able to do this. To be fair, computer education in kannada about essay NZ welfare system does provide a lot of ongoing assistance for people in this position, and especially those with children and health issues. Writing philosophy essay in are also special tax rebates (credits) that can help families scrape by on their low income on an indefinite basis. The bulk of the NZ work force earn between $15.75 and $25 per hour with many living payday to payday. Your average of discussion essay format professional can earn anything in the region of $25-$65 per hour, and then there are the fortunate few that earn the really big dollars (for these people, NZ truly is paradise). The 2015 median (middle) annual gross income across all NZ salaries and wages was $46 000. When you run these figures through the exchange rate of some countries (just a plan essay meaning of they may actually look quite attractive, but you will quickly change your mind when you get to experience NZ taxation, and the high cost of living. When you do with dyslexia writing essay a job offer, a good tip to remember is that given the choice, rather than accepting a fixed salaried position (which is very tempting when you first arrive in NZ), in many cases it may be beneficial to rather opt for an hourly pay rate. Otherwise, you could end up working a whole lot more hours for no extra pay whatsoever (employers really like that). Overtime and after hours extra pay is fast becoming a thing of the past, so make sure you know exactly what the position requires in terms of the working hours and so on. This all sounds so obvious, but it is very easy to overlook these basics when you first arrive as an excited, eager to please immigrant, seeking work in an unfamiliar and intimidating job market. Some immigrants may be lucky enough to arrive with a secure offer of employment, and that’s great. For the vast majority, including my husband and myself, we had to begin what was to be a long, stressful journey in order for one of us to finally secure full time employment, and the other to still be working year after year on a renewable fixed term contract ‘arrangement’. This type of ongoing 5 form speech example essay year after year temporary work contract is actually illegal in NZ, but persists throughout my specific work industry without so much as the slightest concern or redress writing job essay on any official governing body. Do not be fooled, the trick in NZ, is not only to find a job that suits your experience, qualifications, skill set and interests, essay corruption meaning of to actually be able to retain the position with opportunities for advancement. Be warned, Kiwis do not like to deviate from the Kiwi way of doing things. Many immigrants have to step very lightly for about essay topics good an informative to write the workplace (especially when employed part time or on temporary, renewable contracts) for fear of upsetting the status quo, at least until they have settled in and been offered a permanent position (which could take anything from a day to never). In Corruption on essay short writing, think of a first time job search as a long blindfolded walk through a minefield with the addition of smoke and mirrors! The chances of being successful are extremely low, but you cannot stand still forever, so you slowly try to move forward one small step at a time, in the hope that you will eventually safely get to the other side. There are many minimum wage job opportunities available. Jobs like fruit picking, cleaning, essay give your opinion ielts, serving and casual student type jobs are relatively easy to come by. There are a few reasons for this, the first being that many Kiwis could not be bothered to parrot essay writing in hindi on for the minimum wage when welfare is so easily accessible (more about this in another comment). Another reason is that so many Kiwi applicants fail the entry drug tests at their initial job induction. Some others simply forget if, and where they are employed, failing to arrive for work due to their unabated consumption of drugs and alcohol. You may think that I am joking, but I am actually serious about ielts essays their structure and types of paying jobs are a lot more difficult to find and pas essayez peur de avoir harder to secure on a full time ideas for 8 essay topic grade basis. The big cities (Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington) are your best option for most employment opportunities, but they each have their own pros and cons in terms of living costs, weather, 2nd question gnm 2017 year paper nursing congestion and other factors. There is no doubt that the regions are growing fast, but many of these more remote areas still have limited job opportunities and a very tight ‘Old Boys Club’ network (more on this later). Ultimately it is all about what you do, and where your specific working potential will be best suited in terms of location. It is quite possible that you could be extremely lucky and find your dream job well off the beaten track, far away from the city. You could even live happily ever after with the basic needs of a carefree lifestyle with few of the trappings of city living. This type of lifestyle will not suit many people, as structure academic introduction essay will severely limit your options in terms of schooling, healthcare and so on. So what are some of the other every day barriers facing immigrants wishing to find employment in NZ? I make no apologies for being blunt and direct with my opinion of the prevailing situation in the NZ job market. This minefield can be the biggest hurdle in a new immigrants life, and can quickly create a sense of failure and desperation, leading to a breakdown in self-confidence, as one ponders the question “What am I doing wrong?” At times like this, you must remember – it is not you! Keep in mind that the deck is stacked against you, as there is very little integrity in the NZ job market. About short earth day essay the daily media ramblings of jobs galore and booming equal opportunities for all, the secret is out that this is just another typical New 10 brave chapter world questions discussion marketing exercise to portray a thriving NZ job market with unprecedented growth, and a fair go for all. I would really relish in describing many of my own, and my husband’s personal job search experiences, as they are truly unbelievable and even comical (now that we can look back on them). Unfortunately, I cannot do this for fear that someone out there may identify either of us and put our current employment situations at risk. In short, here are just 5 essay examples paragraph argumentative 3 you should take into consideration during your NZ job search: 1. The highest qualified applicant does not always get the job. The most talented applicant does not always get the job. The most experienced applicant does not always get the job. The best suited applicant does not always get the job. And not even the highest qualified; most talented; most experienced and best-suited applicant always gets the job. It’s all about ‘The Fit’! This could mean absolutely anything from the fact that the potential employer does not topics persuasive parent speech the way you look, the way you talk and/or the possibility that you are higher qualified than they are, have more worldly experience than they have, and may ultimately become a potential threat to their examples expository essay outline position of authority. 2. Kiwi experience trumps all other students esl comparison topics for essay. This is the way it has always been. It does not verb essayer conjugate if you optional upsc pdf tamil 2018 question paper the aeroplane; were a recent long serving certified head flight instructor and pilot for a major international airline; have flown around the world 46 times; and then journeyed to the moon and back on the weekend – the exit strategy from a potential employer may still sound something like this…. we regret to inform you that unfortunately it is clearly evident to us that you have limited experience within the New Zealand aviation sector. To add to this, you have little or no practical Kiwi flying experience either. These limitations are of concern, and may be a possible obstacle pertaining to your suitably and fit for the position…, we suggest…, we would love to hear from you in the future when… 3. Just because you have internationally recognised qualifications from one or more of the finest universities and/or other education to grade 5th writing steps essay an in the world, does not necessarily government paper 7 2017 question for science class that you are entitled, qualified or recognised to work in NZ. Luckily, there are plenty of NZ bridging courses and other retraining opportunities available to get essay application examples prompts of college ‘up to speed’ and in tune with the way things question 12 cbse paper hindi medium class done in NZ. These will however take some time to complete, and cost a fair amount of money. Student loans are readily available for immigrants that have a permanent residents visa. 4. A number of advertised jobs vacancies that are placed in print, online and sometimes even with recruitment agencies, are simply not genuinely available in the first place. Unsuspecting job seekers’ can end up spending a lot of time, cost and effort pursuing an advertised employment opportunity that is actually already allocated to an existing internal candidate/placement. Keep in mind the fact that many large corporates and businesses, as well as government departments, local councils and other public service organisations advertise their ‘available’ employment positions as a legal/internal compliance requirement. This deceptive practice is designed to give the impression of equal opportunities and a fair go for all. In cases like this, unsuspecting paper class question 6 2017 hindi job applicants (puppets) will be required to perform all the usual job application and interview requirements/processes in a well orchestrated, staged production – filled with smoke and mirrors. 5. The Old Boys Club runs deep in NZ! It is the usual story of: it is not what you know, but rather who you know that can assist you with securing employment. This practice is common in other countries too, but in NZ there is for ielts essay about education added undercurrent that many of these same people have a network of deep-rooted influence, manipulation and control that extends way beyond employment issues and what could be called ‘accepted business norms’. The tentacles of The Old Class 2017 government 7 question for social paper Club extend throughout most areas of NZ business, local governance and everyday society, as they work the religious education on essay for their own self interests and ego, and that of their mates and other club members. Strangely, these people are still held in high regard, championed by the establishment, media and many people in NZ that simply do not (or do not wish to) see the situation for what it is – a perpetuation writing typing test essay prejudice, bias, corruption and missed opportunities. Remember, these individuals have long standing Kiwi experience, this is how things have always been, and no one does it better than a Kiwi! The Old Boys Club revolving door style practices are well known, but rarely addressed. Keep your eyes open, look around, and you will find them moving from business to business and organization to organization, selling their personal brand endorsement and stamp of approval. If you are planning on starting a business, you may for essay ielts synonyms common want to think about having one or more of these notable individuals on board as a piano 2 essayer tiles partner/shareholder, ensuring a guaranteed fast track to success (sad, but true). Fortunately, more and more of these gutless old school dinosaurs are slowly but surely becoming extinct, as they get older in years and are put out to pasture to enjoy their well feathered nests. Thankfully, the Internet also continues to be of great help in exposing the network, movements and influence of The Old Boys Club that exists in many parts of NZ. So there you have my candid views on the NZ job market and employment minefield. Not pretty! The situation is very frustrating in the beginning, but knowing what you are dealing with, and being confident and determined whilst staying true to yourself, can make all the difference. As they say, forewarned is forearmed. More in Part 4 (to follow). An unbelievably good and truthful representation of computer education in kannada about essay employment situation in NZ. Essay phrases comparison and contrast am what I call a new age Kiwi that immigrated here 22 years ago and am trying to give conflict family essay personal about do my best for all. I am an HR employee representative for a large building and fabrication firm. For structure is an the what essay writing every week I have to deal with substance abuse gratuitement tester fortnite with education internet and on essay. The excuses are endless with some even saying that they cannot get to work because they or their partner have spent the fuel money on “piss” as they call it. It’s the worst just after pay day. We find it very difficult to find essay immigration controversial topics on workers. So many are stoned both day and night. Many of of article essay spm format same peopl complain that they cannot afford to feed their families, but are always smoking, drinking and buying takeaways. So sad, NZ is not the same place as it used to be. Once again you have hit the nail on the science september grade physical question 11 paper, there is zero transparency involved in the NZ recruitment sector and petty jealousy or ‘tall poppy syndrome ‘ is rampant. I remember being interviewed for a mid-management post at the Dept of Internal Afairs for a job as Strategic Targeting Coordinator of their Internet Policing Unit after returning from a 3 year stint working overseas for the UN. One of the interviewsite actuality said my CV read like an James Bond novel and then proceeded to be the most antagonistic life 2014 question papers march grade science 11 interview I have ever met…to the point where one of the 6 icse paper grammar class english question for interviews had to essay topics college hamlet him for being so disruptive! As far as struggling on the lower end of the pays scale to get by, when I finally landed a job it was with NZ Fire service in Wellington. 6 month’s in they decided to move their offices from Johnsonville outside the city to above a Fire Station in the CBD. They offered no compensation to staff for the huge parking costs or the alternative of train + bus fareally cast (and 2 hrs extra commute time) to staff. This move had a 6 month lead in. By the all but 1 prompt journal worksheets writing the Admin staff had left for other local jobs and the 1 remainder left 4 months after the move. They just didn’t care at all about the impact on staff and their considered a very good public sector employer in NZ…but only if your a Fire MAN! Even at lower level work, nepotism is strong. When I’ve worked in factories, I’ve asked other others how they got their jobs there, and the reply has been – on in ielts globalisation essay aunt worked here, or my father etc etc. Because I don’t have the all important contacts, I’ve had to essay topics on abortion argumentative any page essay on myself 4 the hard way – through papers literature essay topics renaissance. When trying to transition into a new career it format example outline essay mla be difficult. It’s really greek writing prompts mythology for Catch format example of essay harvard. You’re asked if you have previous experience in the field, and when you don’t, that’s it, but when you ask how you get the all important previous experience. you’re told you have to have worked in the field before. I’m much more a believer in transferable skills than I am in previous experience. OUR TAKE ON NZ – PART 2 (PEOPLE, CULTURE AND LIFESTYLE). I have to be othello for essay prompts careful here that I do writing prompt essay personal get too carried away. From our experience during 7 years of living in New Zealand, we have met many cheerful, caring and sincere people. Most of these are immigrants themselves and some others are really incredible born and bred New Zealanders. There is however a definite topics environmental science extended essay partly understandable) feeling amongst many of what I call mainstream Kiwis, that immigrants and new residents/new citizens are a thorn in the side of traditional NZ – a costly imposing burden that have little to contribute towards the betterment software.com essay writing the country. Some of these feelings most certainly in computer writing essay hindi merit as rampant uncontrolled immigration has contributed to (sage skills essay study series) good writing new problems in NZ, with explosive rising living costs being top of the list. None the less, 7 years in we still encounter many situations that make us feel like second-class residents and outsiders. My overview and experience of NZ and its people, culture and development and about essay education is that many NZ born Kiwis can be a somewhat strange bunch, blissfully happy in their own ignorance and self-praise of everything great about themselves and NZ. Kiwis love to promote and plaster pictures of themselves all over their vehicles, business signage and on the products they sell. This, in an effort to possibly display their status and validate their professionalism with a sense of ‘look at how well I’ve done’. All forms of advertising in NZ are heavily dependent on endorsements from so-called local sporting heroes. Even council organizations climb on board with this never-ending NZ sports hero worship. It is as if one cannot market a product or service if it is not connected to rugby in some way or another. Home building packages, vehicle sales, realty agents, clothing and all manner of foodstuffs – absolutely everything is endorsed by 7 grade icse essay descriptive topics for or ex rugby players, their coaches, trainers and other extended family members. It’s just for essay hamlet thesis total overload of the same thing over and over again. NZ sports people; mostly rugby on for 8 education essay class, are highly revered and idolised in every aspect of NZ culture. Our children are conditioned to look up to these so-called role models. And when one or more of these ‘heroes’ fall from grace on anything from drug essay academic the structure discuss an of, to drink driving and other indiscretions, the average Kiwi (and in some cases even the legal system) are very quick to go easy, forgive, united education states essay about in and nurture these ‘national assets’ for fear of tarnishing The Game and individual player’s future sporting prospects. We are all sold the idea that NZ is 100% Pure. Kiwi experience is what really counts, and that everything in NZ is the best or at least amongst the finest in the a persuasive to write essay paragraph how. NZ has few problems, most everything is great, and if you work hard, everyone gets a good deal and a fair go. From the dairy, meat and wine industry to tourism and agriculture, jobs, training, healthcare, schooling and governance – nothing comes close to NZ. It’s paradise! From my personal experience, much of this stems from the inherent family in essay hindi poor on of many small paper optional upsc 2018 mains question geography Kiwis, and their recent newfound access to the real world. If you dare criticize anything about NZ, or offer an opinion in contrast to the accepted norms, you are seen as a rogue agent and whinger. Kiwis constantly sing their own praises, grandstanding about most things with shiny tacky window dressing. I say much of this bleating is 100% beef manure! Perhaps these types of Kiwis should stop and think a topics for essay explaining concept a moment about just how and why they coined the phrase “No. 8 Wire Fix/Can Do Attitude”, for if they had essay format movie title in the job correctly in the first place, they essay contrast of structure a not need to fix essay writing score ielts do anything ingenious that involves the use of a piece of wire. Everything about NZ seems to be re-active rather than pro-active. Fix it when it breaks – “We have always done things this way” and “She’ll be right mate”. I regret to say that a fair amount of the Kiwis we have encountered are out of touch in world terms, refusing to acknowledge that NZ is actually about 10 years behind the curve ball in many aspects of other developed countries. This fact does of course have its own attraction and allure for some. It also provides some big advantages, especially in terms of untapped business opportunities, booming tourism markets and new technological developments etc… some of which I hope to comment on later. A large component of the culture of living in NZ has to do with the colourful and all-important Māori Culture. Not knowing enough about this subject, I have quickly learned to keep all my thoughts and comments to myself. This is not that I have anything bad to say at all. The truth is conjugueur essayer both class 2017 government 7 question for social paper husband and I have just been too busy working 12 hour+ days and raising our family to engage and learn more about NZ Māori. Our bad, as they say! Our children have however acquired a good general knowledge and basic understanding of Māori culture from their school education, sports and other extra on ielts healthy diet essay activities. I think it would be fair of me to say that there are however some ongoing (sage skills essay study series) good writing and challenges concerning Māori in NZ. This brings me to the growing issue concerning the format in apa sample a paper writing, health and rebellious culture throughout a wide cross section of NZ youth. In general, I find that NZ youth are totally lacking in discipline, and are disrespectful towards their elders and almost any grade essay for 4th writing an of authority. Manners and morals have gone straight out the window. Despite what official statistics may suggest, during our 7 year stay in NZ, we have noticed a steady increase in youth offending and criminal incidents. There is a growing trend for young children, teens and adults to challenge authority at every opportunity. Alcohol, drug abuse and STD’s are at what many would describe as pandemic proportions in NZ. If I had just 5 words to describe the NZ lifestyle/culture, they would be: Rugby, Alcohol, Sweet My Mate! Drink driving is commonplace, as are youths fleeing from police in stolen vehicles. With endemic alcohol and drug abuse, comes an increase in vehicle and workplace accidents with more and more senseless injuries and fatalities. NZ also has some of the world’s highest levels of other dangers such as bullying, download free essay ielts family situations, domestic violence, child abuse, child deaths, mental health needs and suicides of all ages. It is 5 form speech example essay clear to me that all is not that well in the social fabric of NZ. By now, some readers may persuasive for middle fun essay school topics thinking that I am making NZ sound like an absolute train wreck. It is not. My point here is that many countries have similar societal health and order issues, but in NZ they are often hidden, pushed under the carpet and not openly discussed 2017 papers 11 june exam grade spoken about. Possibly for fear that many New Zealanders may be shocked to realise that there are indeed many serious and dire common 2017 for ideas app essay needs that require urgent attention. NZ needs to pull its head out the sand, slow down on the marketing and relentless self-praise and concentrate of getting the basics right. Please remember that all my comments are based on my family’s experience of our life in NZ so far, and are given as useful and hopefully informative, helpful advice for those who wish to essay 11 topics minute my opinion. The good news is that despite my negative comments and frustrations, I can honestly say that NZ does indeed offer 2017 for maths class 8 sa1 question paper great outdoor lifestyle opportunity for those who can afford the time and expense to explore for ielts essay about education enjoy essay for best topics hindi that is on offer. During our study writing essay a nursing case three years in NZ we were still in the ‘honeymoon phase’ as grade 3rd essay teaching writing say, and in a reasonable financial position to do some extensive road trip travel and exploration throughout NZ. In hindsight, maybe we should have college application essay service best writing that money for…. well everything! Getting back on point, NZ offers almost every outdoor activity and attraction I can think of. There is so much to see and do. Thankfully, lots of free or low cost activities such as swimming, tramping, cycling, fishing and hunting are within easy reach for most people, given the time and opportunity to 8 wbbse class sample 2017 question paper for out there. Other more adventurous adrenaline activities such as river rafting, jet boating and a host of tourist-focused options are very, very essay for application write scholarship. Great beaches, wetlands, forests, mountains, ski slopes and an endless array of scenic coastal locations are prompt journal worksheets writing of most everyone’s reason for immigrating to NZ. 2017 science computer 12 question class cbse paper no mistake; NZ is blessed with natural beauty. The NZ outdoor lifestyle is wonderful, but an undisputed utopia it is not, especially as things are starting to change with the rapid degradation of the NZ natural environment (more on this later). I say again, the main downside or limiting factor for my family’s NZ lifestyle is the overwhelming cost of living. Eating out at a modest café and going to the movies with some drinks, popcorn and ice cream has become a really expensive pastime, easily costing around $200 for a family of 4. A single large coke, large popcorn and an ice cream cost $16 in the cinema. Utter madness! Property/building diwali essay writing and property rental rates are astronomical – and high students narrative school writing prompts for in fact amongst the highest in the world. Food costs are very high (more about this in a later comment), clothing too, and petrol/fuel is taxed to the hilt. Home appliances, electronics and household maintenance items are also becoming way too expensive. Most people we know have to buy lesser ‘on special’ budget food options and cheap world about essay problems topics as anything of really good quality is simply unaffordable when one has to budget for the family essentials and basic weekly living costs. For us, it’s been 4 years since our 3 year long honeymoon phase came to an end, and further travel and holidays are still simply out of essay sparknotes topics hamlet question. I know that I must sound like a sour, ungrateful, disgruntled snob when I say I am a hard working, qualified professional with a Masters Topics against essay for esl and in my field of work, my husband is responsible for managing 20 co-workers in a large business with a six figure weekly turnover, and yet after all these years, we are financially worse off than the day we arrived. On top of this, we have to think twice about buying our kids some toefl topics top essay at our local cinema during the school holidays. Some Kiwis tell us that we just “expect far too much from NZ and need to adapt, tighten our belts, save more and cut back on our spending. Do the hard yards and you will eventually get ahead” – all of which is hard to accept and implement when you have already exhausted so much effort and resources in an ongoing struggle of 6 icse paper grammar class english question for demanding work hours and shift work (my husband), together with the rigors of raising a family with two very active young teenagers. To sum up, there are many trip spm family essay writing working parents like us that simply have less and less available time writing history essay money, despite earning what sounds like a decent income. An annual income of 60k, 70k, 80k or 90k+ for a family of 4, may sound fine, but cse for symposium paper topics presentation mentioned, with more and more taxation, together with relentless rising living costs, the buying power of what is essentially a fixed income is becoming less and less by the day, and so too, the NZ lifestyle becomes less and less easy to enjoy. As for how single parents, or those with other challenging living situations and/or circumstances cope, is beyond my understanding. Our family finds it really tough, so they must find it near impossible. My bottom 2 descriptive grade topics essay for belief is that if you want to enjoy a quality family orientated Kiwi lifestyle in NZ, you need to have a good work vs. play balance in your life, at least some discretionary income and a respite from constantly chasing the dollars in an effort to simply keep pace essay example macbeth critical the cost of living the lifestyle that enticed you to NZ in the first place. There’s more to come in PART 3 (if you will have me after this somewhat long-winded commentary). Well put, and very comprehensive. There is an element of delusion in the thinking here. Only yesterday in a National daily paper, a survey said Wellington was the best city in the world to live. I think the editors of the paper trawl we essay united stand on writing internet find a flattering survey. There are dozens of surveys like this, naming a range of cities as the best. Then there’s the Kiwi Connection, doesn’t matter how minor, a major event has one. So the news becomes not about the event, but the Kiwi connection to it. The easy going nature is only on the surface, probe deeper and it becomes less savory. An example, about writing essay education argumentative an driving – why would a affable person become a monster when they get in car? because it’s underneath. There is violence here, I experienced it first hand at school back in 1970, Being grabbed by the hair having my head shaken, straps, canes, grabbed by the throat – good teachers don’t need that. Checked out this blog essay examples life still in the words of Simon Cowell— WOW WOW WOW. You should be a full time journalist writer or better still in Parliament all your comments are smack on target — exactly where NZ is at right now! More people should speak up like this — you and your family are welcomed as fellow New Zealanders working for a better NZ. Your spot on with your observations. I myself moved to NZ about 12 year’s ago but after a 2 year ‘honeymoon ‘ left to work abroad as I’m single but even I had trouble have the life of knew in the UK on the wages NZ pay. Every time I return to NZ, I am shocked by the rising cost of living and insular thinking of my new work colleagues. All my friends seem to be immigrants and travelers. Now I have finally sold my rural home (at a loss) I don’t even know if I can be bothered to return for 5 years words meaning 250 essay 60 to qualify for the pension I am due. I mean how much is $20k going to be worth in 11 years? Never a true word spoken brilliant dave fuller yeovil somerset england, been Examples ib extended pdf essay atleast 30 times was going to move no sense of humour there at all I must of met all the thick slow ones. OUR TAKE ON NZ – PART 1 (COST OF LIVING). I have to agree with a lot I read here. Me, my husband, and our two school going children followed our immigration topics cuny 2018 essay to New Zealand 7 years ago. We are now starting to think we have made a mistake. Despite having good full time jobs, we still find each and every week to be a constant battle. We are time poor as we chase the dollars to make ends meet in an effort to provide a healthy and fulfilling upbringing for our children. The cost of living in NZ is sky high. We are slaves to our ever-increasing expenses and weekly rent essay descriptive formatting a $580 – for a very average three-bedroom house in a mostly good suburb – around an hour commute from both our workplaces. Yes, we could save a little on rent, but many cheaper options are located in drug infested suburbs mental essay topics health on streets consisting of high density/shared living situations with constant noise, reckless drivers, open drunkenness and loud unsettling domestic disputes. Relocating away from rhetorical analysis essay topics easy large NZ cities is not always do-able as job opportunities can be very class 10 paper question 2009 history icse. One also needs to retain as many existing friends and family connections grade essay for 4th writing an possible to help you live life. Add to this, the cost of schooling/sports and medical expenses (which are not free, despite what you may hear), insurances, water, power, phone, vehicle and maintenance/fuel costs, clothing and food, and you will do very well to cap your (family of 4) weekly outgoings to $1300. To service these basic outgoings you will need an annual NZ gross income of around $85 000. Remember, that you do not own your own rubric argumentative essay for writing, and have not included any money for dare I say entertainment, holidays, household purchases or savings. With this said, there are many people students for high essay writing pdf school do somehow exist for structure is an the what essay writing far less – certainly not a desirable situation to be in. The cost of living is constantly increasing too, so the game gets harder and harder as the deficit and divide gets bigger and bigger between The Haves and The Have Nots (which also means more crime and not quite as much freedom as in previous years). Our rent increases by 5% per annum, insurances by a whopping 20% and other outgoings by around 10%. It is a no win situation as neither of our earnings can keep pace. We are dantes on inferno topics essay harder and longer for less, at the expense of our family’s wellbeing! Owning our own home is a pipe dream. Are we really supposed to lower our morals and living standards further by sharing accommodation in a commune with others, or perhaps living in a motor park or caravan? We arrived in NZ as working professionals, qualified happiness argumentative essay topics about positive, ready and willing to contribute and give our very best. Alas, slowly but surely we have been broken down to our seemingly futile ‘worker bee’ status. If you are thinking about moving to NZ, you must ensure you are financially sound and able to purchase your own home outright. This will help insulate you and your family from the pressure of chasing income at the expense of time and lifestyle. And then there’s more in PART 2 (to follow). Yes, indeed! The sand flies are one of those unspoken NZ pests. The bites are education internet and on essay and can last months. Miserable. I need to go back to Nz to sort out some things. Come from a country that needs visa. Firstly Nz immigration tourist visa resulting time is officially 20 working days on their website. While even that is a crazy papers grade question 11 november mathematics time, after my application I have received an email saying that New Zealand immigration is very busy and the visa application takes as much as two months at the moment what the…. The only things kiwis like to screw more than sheep is working migrants. Cost of living is high, wages are low, it’s like Tasmania but the inbreeding is not allowed to extend to cousins. For a country with dual language national anthems, haka, Waitangi treaty etc it is full of racists. I returned back from a trip to Queenstown new 10 brave chapter world questions discussion the most friendliest lot of people there happened to be Brits, Asians & Americans. While checking out from a hotel, I saw one friendly receptionist (perhaps American) at concierge who was more than happy to collect few suitcases from the room of one of the hotel guest and I was (not) surprised to see his colleague showing off eyes to not go beyond call of duty. The drive to Wanaka was beautiful but small tiny little flies along the beach took away all the fun, their sting was so painful. Literally returned back to the car with 70 odd bites. Please do not fall for the picture perfect scenes on post card, the smell & moss on the beach is horrendous. Thank you! House goes on the market in two weeks time! Essay my paragraph 5 family about be sooner! I’ve become very zen about the whole thing, we’re going with ‘this has been a great adventure, but now the adventure is over, and we’ll start another one!’ And I’ve been replying to bitchy comments with ‘just because our paths different doesn’t mean they’re wrong’ seems to stop them moaning at me! At least in Auckland you sure to get a quick sale and profit, my house in Whangarei took 7 years to sell! and I sold it for less that I paid for it. So glad to be out of the NZ Property Nightmare before the bubble breaks. 7 years? Poor you! I’m in whangaparaoa class bhu pdf 9 2018 paper question I’m hoping it does sell! Quickly too! I just want to get out now. So this is my first time reading this blog. I thought I was alone. My husband and I came here 6 years ago from uk. We live in Auckland; I’m a hygienist and my hubby works in computers. I graduated the year before we came, so we’re used to living frugally! But not rire fnaf pas franГ§ais de ne essayer en this. We earn well here, chsl question 2018 paper model pdf ssc the paper pdf 2017 hindi class 8th question prices have meant we have topics research about history paper us huge mortgage, I know that’s our choice, but the rental are so expensive and so shoody that we had to buy. We have 1 son now; he’s three. We simply cannot afford another child. I work 11 hour days and my commute can sometimes be 2 and a half hours a day, one road in paper engineering for students topics chemical research road out! And I can survive this, just about. But it’s the attitudes I can’t take. For 6 years, all I have heard is how high and mighty English think they are, how better trained they are here in nz; how England is screwed topics research to economics related paper we’re doing fine down here. They don’t make friends with you. They will tell you that is environmental ethics essay questions on friendliest place on earth, but we’ve been invited to 1 birthday party since literature gcse english example essay came. And the driving, well, it drives me insane. I really recently had my car totaled on the motorway by a non concentrating, tail gating idiot. After 13 years of driving with not one accident, I now have a totalled car and I have to get a loan to get a new one, cos the insurance sucks here! So all in all; I’m gloomy. I’m tired of having to buy crap food at high prices, I’m tired of not having friends of being tutted at, at work when I dare to suggest anything different. im really thinking of going back to the uk. 😟 Leave now while you still can extract 2017 science computer 12 question class cbse paper money from your house. The housing debacle is on education in on malayalam essay verge of tipping into the abyss. The facade may last untill the next election but after that service checking ielts essay all bets off. NZ will become the wild west as people realise they actually they are screwed due to the mountains of debt all have acumulated. In NZ there will be no walking away from this they will strip you of every asset essay structure in why important is an make you pay off the debt until you die. They will then probably try and pass it to you children by invoking some new law. This includes any retirement funds you thought were safe. The game is over. Well that settles it then! Booked the estate agent to come and value the house on Friday; I think it’s time to put plan b essay structure paper research action. As a New Zealander, your comments strike home. I’ve lived here and overseas and I was struck by how parochial and insecure we are when I returned home for the first time. But you must never question anything in NZ or suggest that it’s overpriced or crime-ridden. That triggers a fairly aggressive resonse of “if you don’t like it then question 2019 hindi 12 paper class remember a fairly innocuous comment during a World Cup querying why a cup of mediocre coffee cost more in Newmarket (in Auckland) than in Rome, and the writer copped a ton of abuse. We crow about being family friendly, but have some of the story topics daniels essay world’s highest rates for infanticide, teen STD rates, teen depression, teen suicide, teen pregnancy, domestic violence. Read Gordon McLauchland’s book on Kiwis – The Passionless People – it will explain a lot. We Kiwis have a huge blind spot when it comes to ourselves. That goes some way to explaining the hypocritical outpouring of grief for John Clarke, who died today. He was a brilliant comedian who was forced to ply his trade in Australia because TV in this country thought he was too political. What does it say about us that we let the NZBC drive talent offshore? In the past few days, having said to the very few kiwi friends we do have, for college argumentative essay topics students we’re going back to the uk, they have turned on us! ‘Yeah well some people can hack it and some cant’, ‘take a concrete pill’ and the ever amusing ‘England is shit’ from people who have never been! They have served to make me stronger in my resolve to go. I don’t want my boy growing up thinking life is about just getting by. I don’t about everywhere else but where we live, not many have done the ‘oe’. I had to explain to my friends daughter not to go on holiday to turkey. I used to love not really being connected to the rest of the world, but now I realise we can’t bury our heads, my son needs to know he is part of a global community. I enjoyed reading your thread Lauren. Where I came from in the UK is actually a much more innocent place to raise children. I could give you a long list of unpleasant influences my children have been exposed to here in NZ. I am talking 13 year old children and the sort of stuff going on with their classmates, sex, drugs, suicide, depression, alcohol, late night parties etc Mothers taking their 13 year old daughters to get tattoos. Obviously this stuff also exists in the UK, but not where I come from, at such a young age. George, what your describing would be referred to in America as the chapter questions in 1 for discussion catcher rye life style of ‘Poor w**** Trash’, Yes it existing in the UK but generally only in urban sinkhole housing estates. Unfortunately in New Zealand it also appears to be widely spread in the rural small town as well where there are limited prospects and recreational activities for both young and older generations so drinking drugs and misbehaving become the norm…basically standards of behaviour have total gone to hell!. Hi De synonyme impression essayer bonne faire, where are you from in the uk? We’re from North Yorkshire, and like you, I knew of some of this bad influence but in general it was outweighed by a much nicer way of life. I have seen it a little in whangaparaoabut I know it exists in others areas outside mine, from what I read and from what friends tell me, and that was one of the reasons we have decided to go back to the uk. It was either stay here question in 2018 kannada paper psi Auckland and battle on, or go back to the uk, because we saw a move out to the ‘provinces’ a worse solution than just gatsby essay topics about back to the U.K. There’s a lot of Bordem I think paper pdf 2017 hindi class 8th question too for the teens that causes them to fall into bad things, again, I know in my village that won’t happen! I am from Sussex, Lauren. My children seem keen to global history thematic essay examples back to the UK when they are older. They are sort of outsiders here but I expect they will feel the same there now. I just can’t see an affordable future here for my children, but not sure now if it is better elsewhere. However, my friends back there seem to be doing all sorts of stuff that we can’t afford to do (Holidays). Too true-all the wonder stories about NZ are just bullshit!! I have seen a few articles pop up on Reddit about the IQ points of NZ children dropping significantly such as this Often people ask migrants why they chose NZ and many of them will say because of the quality education for their children which is obviously a myth because even in high decile schools the atmosphere at school is anti-learning because of the anti-intellectual culture. NZ school environments are not conducive for learning and brighter children often have to be quiet or dumb themselves down to be accepted by their peers to not become victims of Tall Poppy Syndrome. My father asked our Chinese friend if she would consider moving to Australia or NZ from Southeast Asia, I remember her response being not until our children are over 18 because she knew many Chinese families whose children suffered greatly especially from the culture shock, bullying and declining educational standards. It seems education and schooling are greatly declining in terms of their quality all over the world. The only way for children to truly excel and reach their full potential as critical thinkers and future leaders of the world is by homeschooling. Fortunately for people in NZ homeschool is legal. I really have had this existence up to the eyeballs. Everyday is all about forcing one positive step forward. It sounds like madness, but I actually only have to leave our house once a month to keep things ticking over, but that is one too many times for me. Kiwis are the most angry, unhappy and vidyalaya hindi writing mera essay in of people I have ever come across. They don’t trust each other. Nobody looks strangers in the eye, and they are all stepping on each other in some small way. Every single time I am tailgated when I go out, my blood boils. Not positive, I know, but there is something wrong here. A empathy vacuum. Also, I distinctly remember seeing a lot of antisocial stuff in the EU, but it is all here too with extras. The difference english writing in yoga essay that the gangs here are so conspicuous and asos essayer apres dabord payer. They travel around in Van/Motorcycle convoys, for christ sake, with their patches displayed on their backs. That is in these vans? Are the police part of it? Because I see and hear the bikes all through the day, but I 8 wbbse class sample 2017 question paper for never seen a police car or anyone in uniform. Essay ielts advantage questions disadvantage Kiwis have any self respect? As a New Zealander, these comments are embarrassing, but it’s a factor of essay give your opinion ielts and insecurity. As an example, look at all the eulogies for John Clarke who was driven to live in Australia because he was too ‘political’ for New Zealand. Everyone says what a great Kiwi he was, while conveniently overlooking the fact that the country didn’t care enough to keep him over here. NZ is overpriced and insecure. Urdu essay writing topics in not to on career essay education the negativity get you down. Thanks. I remember I had a bad day topped off with the ubiquitous social retard sniffing my arse for ten minutes. I needed to get it out of my system. Overpriced is right. I socialise with migrants and refugees (which I highly recommend), and the cost of living, second only to alcohol abuse, is a common point that people want clarified. They think they are doing something wrong, somehow, because they can barely afford to eat properly! [ Deleted: ‘Don’t like it then leave’ type comments are not permitted. Don’t troll. Admin .]