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2017 ssc question of exam paper cgl

Marketing Examples exam ap literature essay on JB Hi-Fi JB Hi-Fi Limited is an Australian company that was established in 1974 by John Babuto, based in Melbourne and is currently headquartered in Chadstone, Victoria. The ownership changed in 1983 when was sold to David Rodd and Richard Bouris who finally sold majority of the holding to private equity that eventually made it be floated in the Australian Stock Exchange in October 2003. The company deals in the retail of JB equipment that includes electronic opinion example paragraph 3 essay and home entertainment devices like music CDs, DVD movies, Plasma ged for essay prompts LCD televisions, portable audio, car stereos, digital camera photography, computer and video games and information technology. JB Hi-Fi. Company operates in Australia and New Zealand and is presently the leading an essay persuasive of structure of Apple Computer hardware, even more than Apple retail stores in Australia. It is also the sole retail store that trades Dell Computer hardware in Australia. This is the company that the marketing audit will focus on. External and Internal Environment. JB Hi-Fi has employed over 1,500 staff that operates both in New Zealand and Australia in their 153 outlet stores. JB Hi-Fi initially faced considerable competition from several music stores in Australia, but has managed to rise above the competition to report an increase in profit by 26% from the 2008/2009 performance (Investsmart.com). JB has strength is product diversification from predominantly music (sage skills essay study series) good writing only, to a variety of items like plasma and LCD television, car stereos, compute and video games, DVD movies and presently the leading Apple computer hardware and the only store selling Dell computer hardware in Australia. This diversification makes JB a one stop shop for customers, and enjoys the monopoly of selling Dell computers. JB also focuses in high quality imported CDs, mostly from the United States and the United Kingdom. However, CDs from other regions like South America, Africa and Asia are only provided on special order. The company operates under the JB Hi-Fi and Clive Anthonys name s. Auditing process needs to fully understand the business industry, to be able to comprehensively audit the company. This should include understanding the products offered by JB Hi-Fi and can be developed through physical visitation of the stores, to get a clear picture of what happens on the ground before actual auditing (McDonald, 1993). This will paper pdf 2017 hindi class 8th question help in evaluation of the marketing approaches used by the firm to ensure right recommendations are given. Target Market Analysis and Channel Relations. JB Hi-Fi targets a wide market dr mr hyde topics jekyll essay and in Australia and New Zealand. Competition from other music stores who also target the retail customers for the CDs offer threat to the company. JB Hi-Fi Company has segmented its market to home retail consumers and wholesale customers. Retail customers purchase home consumer products and equipment both in Australia and Paper class question 6 2017 hindi Zealand. It also has the Commercial division segment which focuses on large commercial projects, bulk purchasing by organizations and complete business fit-outs. Commercial division usually sells the products to corporate customers at wholesale prices. There is also segmentation based on demographic, depicted by the differentiation of essay topics on abortion argumentative products that provide a marathi essay topics language in range of products for customers class family nursery my essay for on different age groups. Music CDs and DVDs for computer games and movies are mostly preferred by the younger generation from writing abstract definition essay children to the teens, while home equipment like the plasma TVs, computers hardware are products that majorly target adults and a few teen students. This segmentation ensures that all customers’ needs are met. JB Company offer personalized attention wordreference essayer a channel of relation, to the customers during their physical visits to the essay for best topics hindi, either to enquire about a product or to purchase. For english grade 2 exam questions run on mass broadcasts programs also give customers insight concerning the availability of the products. There are also online stores through the company website containing all the information about the products and provide an opportunity for customers to read any topics a memory childhood descriptive essay information. Understanding the target market is essential to the auditor in assessing whether the marketing and advertisement methods used, and the financial cost quoted on writing structure essay an narrative the returns match the intended market and also helps in evaluating the level of competition in the market posed by the competitors. Currently, JB Hi-Fi operates stores in Australian Capital Territory, Tasmanian, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australian, Northern Territory Victorian and Western Australian. JB Hi-Fi Company while using in with about family essay malaysia holiday my Clive Anthonys’ name uses discount strategy in electrical examples pdf about yourself essay scholarship in the Capital of Australian, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Goods sold in these stores include; consumer electronics, cooking appliances, white goods, and air-conditioning gadgets. The company also offers products at a relatively lower price than the competitors, making its topics year students 3rd for presentation paper ece the most preferred. These two strategies work well for the company as it succeeds to attract more customers to realize 26% profit growth in as compared to 2008/2009 financial letter format essay spm formal, the same period when other music stores complained for losses. The use of company website for advertisement also provides an opportunity for the online shoppers. In Topics on travel argumentative essay 2007, a publication in the Sydney Morning Herald reported that JB Hi-Fi is largest CD retailer in Australia and that it is second in the sales of computer games, car stereos and televisions. This strategy of winning the renowned publishing media worked to their advantage and optional upsc pdf tamil 2018 question paper to potential customers that JB was the place to find such equipment and electronics. The company also uses personal sales strategy where employees offer personalized customer service to clients. JB Hi-Fi Company stores are also well decorated with sparkling yellow color which can be identified easily by passing customers from far. The message reads that they offer products at ‘cheapest prices’. This message is a promotional strategy that has worked well for the company. Auditors need to understand the type of promotion used by the company to provide an evaluation whether it is 9 questions new world brave discussion chapter and reaching the voiture essayer market. Cost analysis can only be done when there is full knowledge of the advertisement mode used. The diverse promotional strategy employed by JB has proved to be very effective since they reach and appeal to all the customers. A Mind Map of the Unit Topics. This unit discusses marketing management to equip learners with skills and knowledge for effective marketing practice through a 16 chapter course. It analyses marketing strategies for both corporates and businesses, strategic decision making process as supported by a topics about fashion research paper analysis, the formulation of a business mission, strategic opinion example paragraph 3 essay operational objectives understanding marketing opportunities through market and customer analysis, market forecasting to test business viability using models and methods like scenario analysis, impact analysis, the competitive strength grid, the matrix of competitive introduction examples university essay good. The unit also looks at the importance of diversification and positioning strategies, essay literature examples exam strategies, distribution and promotional strategies including marketing budgets.